LinktoEXPERT is very excited by a rare marketing opportunity for our members, a unique and powerful way for you to position yourself as an expert to 10’s of thousands of people locally & nationally.

We have teamed up with the critically acclaimed radio show Boomer Nation! on WGUL 860AM airing every Sunday from 5-6pm EST giving Boomers “information and inspiration to Live, Work, and Play at their Boomer-best” to offer LinktoEXPERT members a 4.5 minute segment expert spot on the show.

The show is looking for experts in 2 areas – life enhancements (inspiring boomers to live life to the fullest) and/or business building.

In addition to getting all that air time to talk about your area of expertise (provide tips and advice that people can use right away so they come away really impressed with you!), you also get:

· Insider access to the download of that week’s show you can then use on your website and in all your other marketing campaigns

· Instant reach to over 22K local listeners (mostly Baby Boomers, but non-Boomers as well), and many more throughout the US and Canada

· Inclusion in all the promotional materials that go out for that week’s show to thousands of loyal listeners

· The ability to take advantage of this great marketing strategy up to 3 times

The investment is only $100 per show appearance and LinktoEXPERT will promote your show on major Social Media outlets.

Contact your Account Manager Clemmie Aamodt at (813) 408-5576 or today to get yourself broadcasted as an Expert on the radio!

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