Introducing:Christina Courting-Speaker, Author, Courtship & Happiness Coach
July 1, 2010

Hello…friends, i would like to introduce Christina Courting, who is
Speaker, Author, Courtship & Happiness Coach
What she has to say,”What I do is not about me…it’s about you! It’s about you becoming more successful. So, please don’t just look at me as a speaker, author and coach but someone who desires the best for you, your event, business, family, club, group or organization. I have a list of classes, courses, seminars, workshops with very interesting topics. Let’s see which will best help you and your group.
Over the years of working with singles (and dating herself) i realized the present dating system is far to confusing, frustrating and not producing the results most singles are looking for. i knew this country needed a whole new way to date, a dating process that will bring the results singles desire. So, over the last several years i created the CourtshipDating process. This new dating process brings healthy relationship values back to the future”.
This is what her client has to say,
“I knew we needed a new dating process, that’s what my book Heartbreak-free Dating for women is all about. So, when I heard about Dating Differently and Courtship-Dating I was thrilled. Now singles, both men and women, can move through important dating stages with healthy guidelines to help them. I will certainly be promoting these books to my clients”.

Jess Kennedy Williams
Former Dating Coach
Present Founder of International Association of Aspiring Authors

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Frustrated with Dating?
June 15, 2010

Frustrated with Dating? –

Can’t find quality singles to date? Who should pay on a first date? Should a first date end with a first kiss or a sleepover? The questions go on and on. Are you caught up in the dating confusion? Tired of dating, breaking up, healing, dating, breaking up, healing…and doing it over and over again and again?

In over thirty-five years of working with singles, not much has gotten better. In fact, the dating process is continually getting worse. American’s tried something over the past forty plus years and now we are suffering the repercussions, we and our children.

America has the highest divorce rate ever in its history, even among church-going couples. Many singles have been married three to five times. There are far too many abortions and unwanted pregnancies. Sexually-transmitted diseases are at epidemic proportions. Broken homes and single parents abound. Teen prostitution is flooding the high schools and tweens are having oral sex parties in middle school. A tad bit over-whelming I’d say.

Over the years dating has moved away from many sound, healthy, stable relationship principles and values. It was not intentional; American’s simply wanted to explore new possibilities. However, more than fifty years later we are realizing our mistakes. We are no longer achieving the loving, committed, long-term relationships we are looking for.

Today’s traditional dating has become unstable, confusing and extremely frustrating. This is not changing or getting better. Many singles are frustrated and giving up on dating. Others are settling for someone who is not good for them instead of finding someone who is.

In the areas of male/female relationships I have found that the majority of the population has developed a dysfunctional dating mentality. In other words, their thinking is incorrect. Incorrect thoughts create incorrect actions, which in turn, produce undesirable results.

Singles are frustrated, facing heartache and heartbreak over and over, before or after marriage. Many who decide to live together still end up breaking up or not committing. In the last fifty years this society has made major relationship building changes. Women are more aggressive in all areas of their relationships. Men are responding by doing less and letting the woman do more. Some changes are good but many have done extreme harm.

What’s your opinion?

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