Introducing:Christina Courting-Speaker, Author, Courtship & Happiness Coach
July 1, 2010

Hello…friends, i would like to introduce Christina Courting, who is
Speaker, Author, Courtship & Happiness Coach
What she has to say,”What I do is not about me…it’s about you! It’s about you becoming more successful. So, please don’t just look at me as a speaker, author and coach but someone who desires the best for you, your event, business, family, club, group or organization. I have a list of classes, courses, seminars, workshops with very interesting topics. Let’s see which will best help you and your group.
Over the years of working with singles (and dating herself) i realized the present dating system is far to confusing, frustrating and not producing the results most singles are looking for. i knew this country needed a whole new way to date, a dating process that will bring the results singles desire. So, over the last several years i created the CourtshipDating process. This new dating process brings healthy relationship values back to the future”.
This is what her client has to say,
“I knew we needed a new dating process, that’s what my book Heartbreak-free Dating for women is all about. So, when I heard about Dating Differently and Courtship-Dating I was thrilled. Now singles, both men and women, can move through important dating stages with healthy guidelines to help them. I will certainly be promoting these books to my clients”.

Jess Kennedy Williams
Former Dating Coach
Present Founder of International Association of Aspiring Authors

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