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Introducing:Christina Courting-Speaker, Author, Courtship & Happiness Coach
July 1, 2010

Hello…friends, i would like to introduce Christina Courting, who is
Speaker, Author, Courtship & Happiness Coach
What she has to say,”What I do is not about me…it’s about you! It’s about you becoming more successful. So, please don’t just look at me as a speaker, author and coach but someone who desires the best for you, your event, business, family, club, group or organization. I have a list of classes, courses, seminars, workshops with very interesting topics. Let’s see which will best help you and your group.
Over the years of working with singles (and dating herself) i realized the present dating system is far to confusing, frustrating and not producing the results most singles are looking for. i knew this country needed a whole new way to date, a dating process that will bring the results singles desire. So, over the last several years i created the CourtshipDating process. This new dating process brings healthy relationship values back to the future”.
This is what her client has to say,
“I knew we needed a new dating process, that’s what my book Heartbreak-free Dating for women is all about. So, when I heard about Dating Differently and Courtship-Dating I was thrilled. Now singles, both men and women, can move through important dating stages with healthy guidelines to help them. I will certainly be promoting these books to my clients”.

Jess Kennedy Williams
Former Dating Coach
Present Founder of International Association of Aspiring Authors

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Today’s “Green Tip” #1
June 27, 2010

Today’s “Green Tip” #1
Personal: If you don’t already have a water bottle, buy one today!
Researchers in California say, if we were to line up all the plastic bottles Americans throw away in 1 year they would go around the earth three times!

Home: Buy a “real” plant for your home or office.
(1) live plant produces 87% of oxygen for every 100 sq.ft.

Business: Next time you order ink for the printers (home or business) consider switching to Soy Ink.
AC Graphics
Recycled Paper & Soy Ink Products
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Meet My Mom… Snickers Speaks
May 15, 2010

We haven’t had a chance to meet yet. Tara Hustedde, my mom, does most of the talking for Pure Public Relations and Marketing, and I love her, but that woman sure can talk. I’m Snickers and a man of few words. Well, in part, because I’m actually not a man but a Boxer. I feel like I know every one of our clients because I’m typically sitting smack up against Mom – Tara – each day as she helps businesses plot their marketing strategy and find their way through the PR jungle. You know, we dogs never get lost (it’s the nose) but public relations takes more than someone who can follow the scent of a good publicity lead. It also means being able to sniff out those unexpected, not-so-traditional PR opportunities. And Mom may know how to talk, but she’s got an even better schnozz, too. What I’ve learned over the years while I’ve been dozing on Mom’s feet is that PR is really all about the client: respecting and understanding who they are and sending that message out into the world. Part of that respect is staying loyal to your client through the good, the not-so-good and the went-for-a-walk-and-forgot-to-bring-the-scoop kind of days. It also means ensuring confidentiality and keeping everything private between you and your client unless it’s mutually decided that news should be shared with the masses. Now, granted – I am privy to some pretty heavy stuff as Mom’s home office foot-warmer. But no one understands loyalty and trust more than I do, and since I am a dog, my chances of shooting off a client’s unflattering email to TBT or disturbing audio to are pretty much slim to none. Again, dog here. Remember? I know this Pure PR blog is not the place for me to be gushing about how great PR strategy extraordinaire Tara Hustedde is (did I go overboard, Mom?) but if you’re a business looking for solutions to a publicity headache, an entrepreneur seeking a plan to blitz the media or an established but quiet mover and shaker ready to raise your voice and get noticed in the 21st century media landscape, I know I’d hire my mom. She’s smart, loyal and hard-working (and I ought to know as someone who has to nudge repeatedly with the leash just for a short morning stroll). But most of all, she really looks out for her customers, just as she looks out for me, because she cares. Now if that doesn’t score me an extra doggie biscuit I don’t know what wil

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Morning people capture the best photographs.
May 15, 2010

Morning excursions have never been my cup of tea. Whenever possible, I have always booked clients for sunset photos, because I am a chipper evening photographer and I am comfortable with evening light. That was, however, until I visited Cannon Beach, Oregon this summer. Now I like to boast that I am a semi-morning person. Mornings were not my cup of tea because I am ordinarily a late night owl. For those who know me well, you know that “late night” for me is well past the bewitching hour when other night owls are passing out. My brain functions most creatively late at night. To Read More, Click HERE TO GO TO MY BLOG

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Burnt But Blessed!
May 15, 2010

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind!” 2Tim 1:6

There are times when life gets hectic and crazy. But because life is crazy does not mean you must get crazy with it! Those who win in life are those who are able to stay calm in the midst of life’s craziness.

In my book, A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback, panic is defined as “to give up rationality and take on irrationality; to give up sanity and take on insanity”. When you have a challenge in your life, it is critical to stay calm. And that is a decision of your will! The more you practice staying calm, the more you will stay calm in a moment of crisis. I had a moment of crisis a few nights ago when my car caught on fire!

This past week, I had traveled to Wisconsin and Minnesota.  My wife, Dee, chose not to travel with me because she was attending a Women’s Retreat in Virginia.  She also had to teach our Communications Skills class that Sunday. She had driven her late model Mercedes to Williamsburg, VA and back to Washington, DC.  She picked me up from the airport on Monday. We then went to National Harbor, MD for an afternoon program at the Gaylord Hotel. After the program at the Gaylord, we decided to stop by our church for the last part of Bible Study.

After Bible Study, while I was speaking to the Pastor, someone rushed in and said, “Willie, your car is on fire!”   We rushed to the parking lot and sure enough our car was on fire. It was ablaze!

According to the police, my wife’s car had started smoking, about a half hour before. Then sparks and flames began to come from under the hood, as well as the dashboard. The police called the Fire Department. Since the electrical system was burned and disabled, they could not open the doors, or the hood of the car. They had to use an ax to break open the windows and to get the hood open to put out the fire.

As we stood there, watching our car being consumed by flames, someone asked how we were doing. I said, “I am blessed and grateful! This is nothing but a minor setback; and a setback is nothing but a setup for a comeback!”

“You really believe that stuff you talk about don’t you?” he asked. My reply, “You are absolutely right! This is not a big deal! See, this car could have caught fire while Dee was driving to her conference, to our class, to pick me up from the airport, to take me to my program or while we were driving to church tonight! I am blessed and so very grateful!  And, I know the world will not end. It is just a car. I can replace a car. I can’t replace my wife! This setback is nothing but a setup for a comeback!”

People were amazed that I was so calm. But what they did not know is that I learned to practice staying calm and not let external issues disrupt my internal joy and peace. Happiness is typically a result of the “happenings” in your life. But joy is the result of your internal positioning! And I decided long ago that I would not let “stuff” steal or disrupt my joy!

You too can develop calmness within even in the midst of crazy times. How? One technique is to make a commitment to say calming things to yourself. Practice being calm by saying aloud, “Stay calm, and do not panic!” Then ask yourself: Will the world stop turning because of this problem?  If the answer is no, keep moving!”

Talk yourself into a calm controlled state of thinking and acting. Develop a composed sound mind.  And whatever you do, remember to always give God the glory. For He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a sound mind! I love you..

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Journey to self discovery and change
May 15, 2010

Although it has been a few weeks since I came back from a personal silent retreat, I am just able to put the experience into a perspective that I can share with others. This journey of self discovery was a transforming experience for me and is leading me to make major changes in my life. My retreat was a self selected one. I went off the grid for two weeks; no internet, television, radio, news or phones except for an occasional short call to check in. I spent this time alone and in silence. I lived in a condo that sat by a beautiful Lake, belonging to dear friends. I began the retreat with 3 days of meditative fasting. I only drank water and tea. My only activities were prayers, meditation, observing nature and sleeping. As I stopped all action, my body and mind slowed down and my attention shifted and my awareness heightened. When I stopped talking, I began to hear, when I stopped moving, I became conscious.

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May 15, 2010


Hope you are all having a great summer.

Thought as it is summer, I would send out a piece I wrote for a website on my trip on the Queen Mary 2 — a wonderful example of great customer service and experience marketing.

Note: I have no connection with Cunard. I do not work for them. I did lecture some years ago as a passenger and six years ago wrote an article about the QE2 for a website, but have never received any monies from the company.

I am just a fan of Cunard since 1964! I also have no connection with the Paul Revere House. It has just been one of my favorite places since I was five years old.

On July 1st I sailed out of Brooklyn, New York, heading North on the Queen Mary 2. It was my first trip on this ship. I had traveled on the first Queen Elizabeth, the QE2 and the Canberra in the past. We were on our way to Nova Scotia, Canada and Boston where we would, appropriately, spend the 4th of July. Home to Paul Revere and near the homes of John and Abigail Adams, it is a special place to be on our country’s birthday!

The QM2 had her maiden voyages in 2004. To say she is large, doesn’t convey just how big she is. She is 1,132 feet long; her beam is 135 feet; and she is 236.2 feet high. The ship can carry 2,620 passengers and 1,253 crew. Her average cruise speed is 28.5 knots. Her gross tonnes is 151,400 and her 157,000 horse power electric plant is environmentally friendly. The QM2, which has an extra thick steel hull, is built for transatlantic crossings as well as cruising.

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DRIVE – A Whole New Mind book by Daniel Pink
May 11, 2010

This weekend I read “Drive” and WOW! Daniel’s insights are amazing.

I am so glad to report answers to his questions:

1. What gets me up in the morning? – To go where no one has ever gone before, to meet new challenges that will result in new ways to implement thousands of ideas.

2. What keeps me up at night? Nothing, I fall asleep instantly.

I asked my team this morning: “What is LinktoEXPERT’s purpose”? There responses were to help expand expert’s online presence, to help more businesses connect with experts to elevate their businesses and to make expert’s marketing life easier, etc. Yeah! We all understand our purpose.

80% of our time is spent on projects we want to work on. I am excited that we have implemented a whole new mind at LinktoEXPERT.

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7 Foods That Don’t Like your Body
May 11, 2010

7 Foods that Don’t Like your Body

Here are some foods that you should avoid if you want to feed your body well and experience more health. These items are loaded with sugar, corn syrup, sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, and more.

1.  Processed packaged desserts (like Twinkies)

2.  Candy

3.  Soda:  all sodas whether dark, clear, regular, diet, one, two…

4.  Artificial sweeteners (yellow, pink, blue packets)

5.  Dried fruit (sugar, sugar, and more sugar)

6.  Commerical breakfast cereals  (the ones you see on TV)

7.  Diet, low fat, no fat foods.  Especially frozen dinners.

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The Bias against Health in the United States
May 11, 2010

Have you ever noticed that most people focus on being sick?  Experience being sick?  Take several drugs daily?

Truly healthy people are in the minority.  The fact that I don’t take any prescription drugs is surprising to many.  They expect me to take drugs – they expect me to get sick just like they do.  It is an Expectation!

The fact is, we are wired for health, not the other way around.  The truth is, you should expect to be Healthy!

I recently made a switch to a new life insurance policy.  I did not receive the best rate because based on my physical, I was determined to be “underweight”. At 5’2″ with a small frame and bone structure, I weigh 100. I have low blood pressure and low cholesterol.  Low body fat. All of my tests came back as very healthy. The insurance company determined I should weigh more. I say I am strong and healthy and my body has been happy at this weight for years. I am 47 years old.

I will be challenging the insurance company-stay tuned for more!

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