Expressing Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Did you just start dating someone and find Valentines Day is a difficult place to be? You don’t know each other well enough yet to say “I Love You”. So what is the best thing to do for Valentine’s Day? Read the article 7 Romantic Areas for Showing Love on Valentine’s Day.

Then all you have to do is turn the “I Love You” into “Thinking of You” or “You’re the Best” or “I love getting to know you”. This way you can be romantic without committing to the words “I Love You” before you are ready. Find things you appreciate about the person you are seeing and let them know it. Be honest – they will appreciate you more.

About the Author

Christina Courting, Author, Speaker, Courtship and Dating Expert. She is the author of Dating Differently, It’s Better to Laugh, and Dating for Love. She has also created a different way to date called CourtshipDating, is founder of the Dating for Love Club and The Relationship School. Christina enjoys speaking for businesses, churches, schools, clubs, groups, and organizations. Get more information at Email: or call 727-415-0464.

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