GET BOOKED ON TV SHOWS In Any City, Any Time: Annie Jennings PR books TV shows all over the country. These are the big lifestyle TV Talk Shows in major cities that include Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington DC, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles plus lots more. You name the city, we book the TV shows in it.

BE A CELEBRITY: Getting booked on these big city talk shows creates expert status and gives you the celebrity edge in your marketing. Everybody wants to hire the STAR! Why? Because they know that you can deliver the goods and that you can do the job for them. Our top notch, professional booking team creates the perfect segment just for you and your expertise. And guess what? You get to use the LOGO’s of the shows on your site. These are high-powered, influential LOGOS that many of your competitors have on their sites. You can get these media bookings as well to start, or add, to your collection!

And the best part about working with the famous Annie Jennings PR is that you only pay for secured media bookings.

YOU PAY ONLY IF WE GET YOU BOOKED: Our media falls under our famous pay for play biz model where you will only pay our reasonable publicity fee if, and only if, we get you booked on the show. Get your mega competitive edge, be a celebrity and create expert status with your appearance on TV!

NEXT STEP: Fill out our form at and Annie Jennings PR will touch base with you to set up a time to talk! You may also email Annie at

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